FOOD: Main Street Eats [Park City]


Park City, Utah supposedly has some of the best powder around. That’s snow powder, for skiing, not sugared powder, for eating. But both skiiers and eaters alike will find a lot to love about this ski resort town. Coming from crowded, crooked, cobblestoned street Boston, I was impressed and slightly overwhelmed by Park City’s expansive main drags and killer mountaintop views. Main Street, Park City was more familiar to my little city self: a long skinny hill perfect for window-shopping, light snacking, easy lunching, and fancy dining.

Main Street is where Park City shows off its creative and culinary chops with beautiful art galleries and high-end restaurants. It also offers a taste of the city’s hip but relaxed hometown culture.

Fine Dining: 350 Main Brasserie


350 Main is a contemporary American restaurant that serves up interesting and incredible dishes. For Valentine’s Day dinner, I indulged in the crispy gnocchi mac and cheese appetizer. Yes, these people are daring/genius enough to mix beloved gnocchi with exalted mac and cheese, cheddar no less! The result is as amazing and filling as can be imagined. And that was just the appetizer.


My entree was my first foray into both venison and elk, which seemed fitting given the mountainous backdrop. But wait. Meat with a side of meat? Yes. I know it sounds insane/brilliant but it was delicious. The venison was cooked to buttery perfection and the elk hash bulked up a sweet potato and crispy onion side. All in all, the meal left me too sated for dessert, and that is an accomplishment.

350 Main Brasserie
350 Main Street, Park City, Utah

Literary Lunching: Atticus

Atticus is a combination coffeeshop/teahouse/bookstore, partly inspired by Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. For any Boston residents, imagine Diesel Cafe plus Trident Booksellers times 1000. Besides the hundreds of discounted used books….


Atticus offers adorably literary-themed sandwiches and snacks: Scout’s Wrap, The Wrap of the Mohicans, the Boo Radley bar, and the Goblet of Fire latte (featuring cinnamon cream tea) to name a few. The short of it is that this place is a delight to visit. The front windows line Main Street and separate indoor and outdoor seating, the indoor being preferable for its quirky and whimsical decoration. Think hanging strings of ravens, a row of teacups winding around a stained-glass mosaic pillar, and a huge outdoor patio umbrella… indoors.


While you soak up the atmosphere, consider a cup from their copious loose-leaf tea selection or a cappuccino. And remember (if you forget, it’s on your recyclable cup cozy and stenciled along the bathroom walls), “Shoot all the bluejays you like but remember… It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”

738 Lower Main Street, Park City, Utah