FOOD: Gia Gelato & Cafe [Jersey City, NJ]

The way that people need coffee in the morning to officially start the day–that’s how I am with breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, I need coffee to be coupled with said breakfast; but if I don’t get my nourishment on within an hour of waking, expect me to not like you, and vice versa. Hanger–when hunger and anger have an emotional baby–ensues. People get hurt. This is the reason why it has become a priority to find an excellent, affordable, and reliable breakfast spot in the Jersey City area. And boy, did I.

Gia Gelato & Café is located on Newark Ave–a main artery that connects the heights and downtown Jersey City. This unassuming yet charming European style café serves breakfast and lunch all day, as well as a bevy of caffeinated beverages. When you have finished your main course, you can polish off your meal with one of their many homemade gelato flavors.


Considering the fact that I went for breakfast, I was forced to avert my eyes from the extremely tempting gelato display and focus on the most important meal of the day. Gia offers breakfast staples including egg and cheese, egg and cheese plus meat, omelets, pancakes, french toast, and beyond. On this particular day I went for an egg and cheese on a wheat bagel with a side of fruit. You get to choose what fruit will grace your plate based on that day’s options and on this day, I chose pear. My beverage selection was a cappuccino–my go-to caffeine fix when I have some time to linger. Orders are taken at the counter and you can carry out or take a seat at one of their tables to enjoy on-site.


What felt like less than five minutes later, the chef personally delivered the egg and cheese sandwich to my table. Just looking at it made me feel good–it was stacked high with ingredients, it was cut down the middle, and my fruit was in a cute arrangement. It showed care and pride and I wanted to pen my positive review right at that moment. But then I figured, I should probably eat first.


It was incredible to me that they could make me fall in love with a sandwich that includes only two ingredients, but they did it. This was not just a limp fried egg with a half-melted piece of cheese on top. It was more like a seasoned and flavorful egg and cheese omelet carefully arranged on my perfectly toasted bagel. After my first bite I decided against putting ketchup on it and that is just unheard of in my world. The cappuccino was an excellent addition as it came in a large mug and lasted well beyond my sandwich (though I think it’s quite clear at this point the sandwich did not last very long).


If I haven’t successfully communicated my enthusiasm for Gia Gelato & Café yet, let me put it plainly: I love this place. I intend on trying every item on their menu and if you are living in or passing through the downtown Jersey City area, I highly recommend you get started on the menu too. Help Gia Gelato & Café fight hanger, one perfectly crafted sandwich at a time.

Gia Gelato & Café
281 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07302