EVENT PREVIEW: Meatball Slapdown [NYC]

On April 3rd, New Yorkers will gather to square off in this round competition–the fight for the title of New York’s best meatball! Hosted by The Brooklyn Kitchen and Brooklyn Grange, the fifth annual Meatball Slapdown is more than just ground beef and gravy. This event gives newcomers and veterans alike the opportunity to pass their best balls out to attendees in hopes of taking home both the title of best meatball in NYC as well as the prestigious bragging rights.



You can attend this event one of two ways–VIP or general admission. If you choose to be a “baller” and roll in VIP, you get to arrive an hour early and sample last year’s winners, which include critic’s choice Hugue Dufour of M Wells Dinette and Steakhouse with their tartare ball, and popular vote winner Rosemary’s with their classic Italian meatball. The VIP  reception gives attendees the chance to meet with the celebrity judges, enter an exclusive VIP raffle, and get a free tour of the brewery with complimentary beer samples!

If you want to attend with the masses, you still get to experience the best part of the event–meatballs (and beer)! With a general admission ticket, you get unlimited access to the delicious spread of competitors as well as bottomless brews courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery. With meat generously donated from Meat Hook, the tasty array of balls will be served with fresh bread from SheWolf and polished off with treats from Liddabit Sweets. Don’t worry about needing an extra hour in the gym in preparation–you can balance out your massive consumption by dancing it off to beats by DJ Aperitif (Joe Garden of Adult Swim).

To make this classic New York evening even better, this event is proudly supporting two amazing youth-centric educational programs: Brooklyn Kitchen’s Classrooms in the Kitchen, which teaches children about cooking and butchering in their kitchen labs, and City Growers, a group dedicated to spreading knowledge about the environment and  urban agriculture through enriching courses at Brooklyn Grange’s rooftop farms.

Whether you choose to go VIP ($120) or general admission ($60), this NYC event is one that you can’t afford to miss. Not only will you have the opportunity to sample countless culinary meatball creations from all around the city, but you will be one of the first to taste 2014’s big winner! Clear your Thursday night schedule (you know you were just going to a lame work happy hour anyway) and get your tickets for NYC’s Meatball Slapdown–ball for one and one for ball!

Meatball Slapdown
Brooklyn Brewery
79 N. 11th St between Berry and Wythe in Williamsburg