DRINK: Spring Cocktails @ THE GIBSON [DC]

The Gibson is an inconspicuously located speakeasy-style bar that prides itself on serving up drinks from the pre-Prohibition era.  Of the 23 uniquely crafted cocktails created specifically for this year’s Spring menu, I had the pleasure of tasting six, which are as follows:

 Things I Still Remember1_GibsonSpring14

THINGS I STILL REMEMBER:  This was a definite crowd-pleaser consisting of Kappa pisco (a Peruvian grape brandy), Yellow Chartreuse, lemon, simple syrup, egg white, and ginger ale, which gives it a “spritzer” vibe.  Nice riff on the world-famous pisco sour.rustin1_gibsonspring14

RUSTIN:  Made of George Dickel Tennessee whiskey, Averna liquer, honey, lemon, orange, Hellfire bitters, and Aromatic bitters.  Very smoky, very woodsy, very…adult.

 Dungeon's Brew2_GibsonSpring14

DUNGEON’S BREW:  Also known as the “Black Mojito,” this cocktail is made of Cruzan rum, Leopold Fernet (a minty liqueur), simple syrup, lime, mint, and Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout.


BLOOD OF KINGS:  Consisting of Old Overholt rye whiskey, red wine, lime, and simple syrup, this one reminded me of a sangria of the highest order.


FRANK UNDERWOOD:  Named after Kevin Spacey’s “House of Cards” character, this cocktail is described as bitter, dry, and aggressive, just like its namesake.  It consists of Malort (a Chicago-based liqeuur rumored to be John Wayne Gacy’s favorite), Apple brandy, Kummel (a liqueur flavored with caraway seeds, cumin, and fennel!!!), Campari, and lemon.


GLAM:  The name says it all.  This sexy little number is made up of vodka infused with banana and vanilla, orange, raspberry, and champagne.

Kudos to our bartender/mixologist Frank, who poured for his motherf@cking life!

THE GIBSON is located at 2009 14th Street, NW, and opens daily at 6 P.M.  To see a complete list of their spring menu offerings, click here.

All photos by DAVID SWARTZ