TRAILER: Robocop



With the increased use by the government of aerial drones and by corporations of their own manned bots (see amazon delivery drones), it’s only a matter of time before unmanned robots become a common fact of life for us humans. The soon-to-be released, new and improved Robocop will be gracing movie theaters soon.  And this movie is sure to paint what’s soon to be ahead of us.

Robocop describes a world policed by unmanned robots.  However, America is one of the last vestiges in the planet wherein robots have yet to patrol every street corner every square block.  A bioethical debate arises whether it is in fact ethical to have robots policing our children.  To provide an answer for this debate, Robocop is created to be the in-between. And what results is an action-packed ride full or robot vs. robot battles and man’s inability to reel them in.  Enjoy the trailer below and make sure to catch flick out February 12!