TRAILER: 3 Days To Kill



Kevin Costner has joined the cast of older actors playing badasses in movies.  You have Liam Neeson the vengeful CIA agent in Taken, Sylvester Stallone // Dolph Lungren // Arnold Schwarzanegger // Bruce Willis the moral yet hired assassins in the Expendables and the list goes on.

In 3 Days To Kill, Costner plays a retired spy who desperately wants to spend more time with his daughter.  His agency, however, has other plans for him.  After a number of unsuccessful attempts to bring Costner back on the field, the Agency injects a serum in Costner that  consequently gives him 3 days to live.  The only way he will be given an antidote is if he performs one last job for the Agency.  Pretty cool plot! Check out the trailer below and catch the movie February 21!