The Digital Underground: Substrate Radio

substrate pic

Having launched only one year ago, Substrate Radio has commandeered internet radio with an unruly approach to music streaming. The brainchild of Jason Hamric, Substrate is straight out of Birmingham, Alabama, taking listeners to layers of the underground that haven’t been exposed sine The Secret of the Ooze. True to their motto, “None of the Hits, All of the Time.” Substrate Radio plays a stream of music as free flowing as the conscience –Velvet Underground, Ex Hex, Nick Drake, The Paradise Motel, and Al Green (not necessarily in that order). A barrage of minimally interrupted music, formatted into radio shows as unique as their names. So far, “Blood on the Knobs” is my favorite. What they don’t play is politics, as the hand-picked selections are sequenced like a personal playlist. Substrate Radio has all the answers, and yet begs the question, if it’s really radio, then how come I never want to turn it off?