SHOW: Dilla Day Detroit on Feb 7th.


Hip-hip really doesn’t have a major historical event that we celebrate; there’s no equivalent to baby boomers celebrating the first arrival of the Beatles to the US. The genre is too future focused to look backwards.

This might be changing. When James ‘J Dilla’ Yancey died years ago it left a chasm in the genre…while he may not have had the same financial success as other producers the mark he made in hip-hop, hell, electronic music was vast. “Dilla” has become a signifier for a sound, a vibe, a soulfulness pulled out of meticulously programmed beats, and across the world in the month of February there are parties in his honor.

Dilla Day Detroit celebration seems particularly stacked (rightfully show). You’ve got Pete Rock, De La Soul, and the group he founded Slum Village. You’ve got Phife from A Tribe Called Quest…etc…basically if you can be there, be there. It takes place February 7th at…., see the info below.