MUSIC: Shlohmo & Jeremih – No More


Jeremih should have been a one hit wonder with the entertaining, but ultimately pretty silly, song “Birthday Sex” which encompassed everything good AND bad in modern R&B. But out of nowhere in 2012 he dropped his Late Nights Mixtape which was easily one of the best releases of that year…it had the same future leaning production and ideas that made The Weeknd and Frank Ocean house hold names, but kept its foot firmly in modern urban radio. It got him a spot on Yours Truly/Adidas’s “Songs from Scratch” series where they teamed him with experimental beat producer Shlomo…a collaboration that worked so well we now have an EP coming out. And honestly, I am amped..what’s great about Jeremih is that he’s someone who could easily ride the wave and be at the top of the pop R&B charts but throws alot into his sound without losing that essence. Here’s the single off that record brought you by Brooklynvegan,