MUSIC: Brooklyn’s WET to Play SXSW


Recently announced to play a coveted spot on the SXSW stage -the decided next step for any band on the rise, Wet is right on schedule. No doubt the Brooklynites are a “band,” yet my ears hear all the sexual sensibilities of a post-Jodeci era R&B group. I mean that to say, a body roll, here and there, while listening to Wet’s self-titled EP really happened, finding myself cajoled by lead vocalist, Kelly Zutrau’s, come-hither vocal performance. Unexpected nuances in the music lead me to believe that nothing is off limits for counterparts, Joe Valle and Martin “Marty” Sulkow, who provide the entrancing production and instrumentation. With an elemental balance of chop and screw when you least know it’s coming, Wet seems unabashed in its love for hip hop, reaffirming across-genre that there may really be nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.

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