LIVE: Dom Kennedy’s Get Home Safely Tour at Irving Plaza, NY

Dom Kennedy’s tour hit down in New York City on an abnormally cold night. The Californian MC would proceed to heat up the crowd from people who ventured from all five boroughs and beyond (according to call and responses New Jersey was particularly in the house. Dom’s been an underground favorite for years and the tour served as a victory lap for his latest record, Get Home Safely.

Fellow Cali based rapper Skeme was featured on the album, and was one of the openers. Being lesser known then Dom it took him awhile to warm up the crowd over but he worked at it and won them over. G4shi received a good response from the crowd probably because he laid the groundwork explaining where he was from (Libyan born in Africa, raised in New Jersey, now Brooklyn based).

Dom hit the stage performing songs from Get Home Safely but he had no problems digging deeper into his discography for his faithful crowd. He played tracks from The Yellow Album and his breakthrough From The West Side for the hardcore East Coast crowd who rapped along with each and every track. They also rapped along with guest star Kendrick Lamar who appeared on stage to perform his song, “Backyard Freestyle”.

Photos courtesy of Joann Gomez/Music Looks Like This