FOOD: Mr. Sushi [Wayne, NJ]

Sometimes it seems as though it is easier to get sushi than it is to get a carton of milk. I don’t even have to put pants on while choosing from approximately 12 different sushi restaurants on Seamless that will deliver to my door, but I have to walk 10 minutes just to lighten my coffee (pants mandatory). Sushi restaurants are a dime a dozen in the metropolitan area and that makes it significantly harder to sift through the bad ones to find the golden egg (golden fish?). I have tried expensive sushi, classy sushi, sketchy sushi, even sushi overseas; but no matter how hard I try, I cannot find a sushi restaurant that tops Mr. Sushi of Wayne, New Jersey.

Mr. Sushi has been around for a long time–I’ve been dining at this sushi gem for about ten years. What started as a small establishment tucked in the corner of a strip mall has expanded to a stand-alone restaurant that still serves up the same delicious sushi as it did when it was a humble hole-in-the-wall. This BYOB is basic in service (don’t expect the wait staff to chat you up) but extraordinary in quality.


The menu includes a lot of what you would expect from a sushi restaurant: miso soup, green salad, edamame, etc. You have a selection of basic rolls, such as yellowtail and tuna, as well as a wide selection of cooked entrees, like chicken teriyaki. Where Mr. Sushi kicks it up a notch is their special roll menu. You might be thinking that I am biased and in many ways, this is true. But the fact of the matter is that every single person I have introduced to Mr. Sushi has fallen deeply in love with at least one of their concoctions.

A fan favorite and a roll that I order on just about every visit is the Paradise Island roll. This amazing combination of fruit and fish includes tuna and salmon on the inside, which is then rolled up and coated with a layer of tempura crunch around the outside and deep fried. Top it off with a dollop of spicy mayo and a strawberry slice and you have a spicy sweet flavor that is absolute perfection, known to induce groans of satisfaction.


Paradise Island Roll in front, Spicy Alaska Roll in back

On this particular trip we also ordered a spicy Alaska roll, which is salmon and avocado with spicy mayo. Additionally, we went with a Sunrise roll and a Mountain roll. The Sunrise roll has tuna and avocado on the inside and is topped with peach slices. The Mountain roll packs tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and avocado inside with seaweed powder on the outside.

Sunrise Roll in back, Mountain Roll in front

Sunrise Roll in back, Mountain Roll in front

Perhaps what I love most about Mr. Sushi is that I can always count on the fish being served in big, fresh chunks inside the roll and without being mashed up, giving their rolls a totally different texture than what I usually encounter at the majority of sushi restaurants. Their special roll menu includes highly diverse options that incorporate different types of fruits with fish, giving their rolls a unique flavor with options that will please just about any sushi fan. With countless options for every palate, delicious sushi, and 7 days of the week to dine there, I can’t think of any reason for you not to try out this sushi treasure.

Mr. Sushi
186 Mountain View Boulevard
Wayne, NJ 07470