FOOD: Bazbeaux Pizza – Mass Ave [INDY]

Bazbeaux is one of two Indianapolis pizzeria institutions that seems to be synonymous with great pizza in the Circle City. The kind of place that holds an ubiquitous vote of “best pizza” from those in the know. Local pedigree aside, it could easily be argued that “good pizza” is not a term that can be fairly used anywhere in the Midwest, save Chicago, but that’s a snobby East Coast digression best saved for another article.


Photo: Lesley Herrington

On a busy Saturday evening, the dining room is crowded but not cramped with plenty of elbowroom albeit a limited number of seats at the bar. During what was likely the biggest rush of the night (8pm) a table for two that was originally quoted at 35 minutes was ready well before the half hour mark. The general atmosphere is jovial and while the bar is not terribly large it is fine place to pass the time. It’s not hard to tell why Bazbeaux is so popular. The downtown Mass Ave. location follows a common formula used by most of the surrounding business. The trifecta breaks down to having 1. Great food 2. A decent beer list and 3. A millennial waitstaff who have their Urban Outfitters online password saved to the Keychain.

Bazbeaux Pizza
333 Massachusetts Ave