FOOD: Bantam Bagels’ Valentine’s Day Treats!

vday bagels

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, it’s time we talked about Valentine’s Day treats!  Of course you can’t really go wrong with chocolate and flowers, but why not spice things up for your SO and get them something they didn’t see coming: Valentine’s Day mini bagel balls from Bantam Bagels!

We’ve talked about our love for Bantam Bagels before, when they first opened on Bleecker Street in the West Village (across the street from my beloved Murray’s!) but now we have something new to report: their monthly bagel flavor for February is Red Velvet.  Excuse me while I run out real quick to get 100 of them…

I was fortunate enough to try these Valentine’s Day snacks already and I’m telling you that chocolate is out the window this year.  For only $13 for 12 Bantam’s, the Valentine’s Day pack includes Red Velvet, Cookies and Milk (might have been my favorite), and French Toast.  They were all perfectly sweet with delicious filling – the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sweet treat sure to impress and surprise.

inside bagel

Bantam Bagels
283 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014