EVENT PREVIEW: NYC Beer Week’s CASKALOT at 508 Gastrobrewery


In two weeks, Manhattan will once again be the home to NYC Beer Week for the sixth year in a row. Beer tastings, lectures, and dinner pairings will take over the city to celebrate the best local breweries and their beers. Hosted by the NYC Brewers Guild, the week’s events hope to make New Yorkers aware of the local breweries that are distributing great beer all within a few miles from them.

One event during the week that is offering a different view of craft beer is Caskalot, which focuses on breweries who make cask-conditioned ales. Since cask ales are not commonly on tap, this event is a great chance to try different types of cask ales that normally cannot be found in bars around the city. Breweries including Sixpoint, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Kelso Brewing Co. will all be offering their own cask ales for unlimited samples and to showcase this type of brewing tradition. Each beer will be served from casks, to ensure the highest quality taste and to stay loyal to the brewing tradition.

Hosted by 508 Gastrobrewery, the two sessions hope to bring light to the brewing process of cask-conditioning, since this type of beer is only readily available in Britain. Unlike beer that comes from a keg, cask ales are unfiltered and unpasteurized and still contain yeast when placed into the cask. This allows the malt and hop flavors to develop, bringing forward fuller and bolder flavors when the beer is served. For this reason, the beer served at this event should be unlike any that are offered during the rest of the week.

Caskalot is a great chance to taste different types of cask beer and taste just what exactly is the difference between a beer from a keg, and a beer served from a cask.

February 23
Session 1: 2pm-5pm
Session 2: 6pm-9pm
508 Gastrobrewery