EVENT: Brooklyn Meatball Takedown


Plate #1

If you love meatballs and getting creative with food, the Brooklyn Meatball Takedown is an event you shouldn’t miss.  This past Sunday, I found myself surrounded by 30 enthusiastic amateur chefs/meatball lovers who put their minds and skills to work to create a unique meatball in hopes of winning the Brooklyn Meatball Takedown 2014.

The 30 competitors made 250 meatballs each–and while I couldn’t exactly eat one of each, I did put in a good effort and tried probably 15.  Is that a good effort?  I’m not sure that it is, but I did my best.  And for only $15, the takedown was very reasonably priced!  There was a bar serving $6 draft beers so all in all, it was a solid afternoon spent in Brooklyn.

Plate #2

Plate #2

There was one fancy meatball I found particularly good, which I ended up voting for actually (and which won!), that had a meatball on a piece of toasted toasted baguette with cilantro and a spicy mayo-like sauce.  I have a great love for cilantro, so that was one that really stuck out for me.

Among the others were classic meatballs, fancy meatballs made with duck (which were incredible), four-meat meatballs, spicy jalapeno meatballs, Thanksgiving meatballs with turkey meat, cranberry sauce, and stuffing, and even a breakfast meatball.  Anything you could have imagined, they put into a meatball.

After experiencing the meatball takedown, I will certainly be looking ahead to see what they take down next!

Brooklyn Meatball Takedown

Brooklyn Meatball Takedown

For the full list of competitors and winners click here–but the top four were:

1st  #3 Vietnamese Banh Mi Balls – Andrew Gottlieb
2nd #11 Great Grandma’s Classic Balls – Dan + Courtney Donaldson
3rd #23 German Style Balls on Pretzel Bun – Paricia Clark
4th #21 Detroit Donkey Balls – Rachel Salerno