STYLE: 5 Men’s Grooming Essentials (under $10.00)



There has been a a lot of growth in the grooming industry for men and it’s simply a result of men wanting to know more about treating themselves better. They hear and see women come back from spa days and their weekly massages with only positive things to say. Men have put their machismo personalities aside and have been more open to grooming products in general. But, we can’t forget about what was around before GQ made their first Men’s Grooming Essential List. Men did care about their hygiene before! So, here is a list of product for men who want to impress the females with classic product that isn’t over priced and only sold at a boutique barbershop in Williamsburg. Continue to read for our 5 recommended grooming essentials where everything can be found for under $10.00.

1. Hair (or all over)



Coconut oil can be found at the supermarket next to all the other oils you use to cook with. As long as you know the coconut oil is raw, organic %100 coconut, then you can use it for your hair and skin. Everyone you speak to mainly uses it for hair, and it smells amazing. When applied on the scalp, coconut oil promotes healthy hair growth the natural way because it is so rich in nutrients, it is able to stimulate the hair follicles and contribute to the general health of the scalp. A container will only cost you $3.99!

2. Baby Powder



Make sure it’s Johnson Johnson! Slick Rick said it best, “For all the girls I might take home I got the Johnson’s Baby Powder and the Polo cologne, Fresh dressed like a million bucks…” My grandfather put me on to the baby powder and when I was younger, it seemed like a very “old man” thing to do then, but now it’s a daily routine for me. It keeps you fresh right after the shower, especially on those hot summer days. This can be found at your local bodega or a Target near you.

3. Body Wash


This shower gel isn’t your ordinary shower gel. You know something is good when a brand knows they NEVER have to reduce the price. This is a product that never goes on sale and it’s worth it! A bottle of this is mixed with an amazing blend of spices leaving your skin fresh walking out of your bathroom. You’ll have your lady tracking you down from the kitchen in seconds. Neutrogena, well done! A bottle of this is $9.99 at any local pharmacy or convenient it store.

4. Smelling Good



Men, do you remember your first experience at the barbershop getting your fresh fade? The end of a hair cut is most memorable. The barber just finished the fade, made sure everything is even. He then goes for the razor blade, hot shaving cream, and prepares to finesse your shape up. He starts from your hair line and goes around. When finished he smacks on some aftershave and brushes you down with a powdered brush. What ever THAT smell is right before getting out of the chair… BRUT is THAT smell. BRUT antiperspirant/ deodorant spray is what every man needs. Get it anywhere, now.

5. Face Wash









Go to 125th street in Harlem and talk to one of the OGs selling Egyptian Musk and natural soaps. He will know more than some of your dermatologists. Pick up a block of African Black Soap for only about $5-$10 and you’ll thank me after a week. Generally speaking, this soap is all natural made of shea butter (or equivalent base oil), plantain skin, coca pods, dried leaves, and optional essential oils. There are no chemicals and it’s what was being used before East and West were two different worlds on the same land. This can also be used on hair and body as well but it is great for face as it prevents acne and reduces blemishes.