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REVIEW: Relish – an Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun

by Couch Sessions


Now I know what you must be thinking: what in the world is she posting about Daphne Oz? While browsing the Costco book section looking for a cookbook for my Toys for Tots donation (the child I chose wanted a cookbook and loved cooking), I came across Relish – a simple but elegant book written by Daphne Oz, natural foods chef, New York Times Best Selling author, and co-host of ABC’s hit lifestyle series “The Chew.”  What caught my eye about this book was that it wasn’t all food. New Year’s is the apogee of resolution season and Daphne has some decent and applicable advice about how best to relish life, food, style and fun. My favorite takeaways from the book were the advice provided about friendships and knowing when to let them go, as well as how these things can affect the way you feel about yourself and treat your health. For any young women in need of a bit more perspective than they would get at home, this is a great book. Another take away was that although we strive to eat naturally, the reality is sometimes we need a shortcut or two and it’s okay to buy the store-bought pickle to go with your sandwich. She also discussed how her weight would fluctuate more often until she found balance in keeping active and eating healthy.


After reading a few pages in the store I knew I wanted to take this book home, try a few recipes and pass this on to my goddaughter, an angsty teen in need of supervised celebrity advising. On her website, she has even more delicious instructions about being a “Yummy Mummy” which she defines as: a lady with a delicious (yummy) approach to this exciting phase of womanhood and femininity – becoming a mother. Her advice isn’t so high level that it excludes the everyday woman in her quest to relish health, style, and life.