MUSIC: Tortured Soul feat. N’Dea Davenport – I Might Do Something Wrong (Ethan White Raindrops Remix)


Years ago the original version of this song used to be my jam. Id try to lock eyes with someone sexy across the dance floor and saunter up to them doing my patented two step. They would inevitably walk away because even my two steps are sadly off beat. But you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t absolutely killing it on the dance floor, that’s how the song made me feel.

It’s been a minute for new music from Tortured Soul as they’ve been busy taking their live house band gospel across the world (check em out in you town!). However they recently released a remix EP with their standout “I Might Do Something Wrong” with N’Dea Davenport taking main vocals and a drastically re-worked beat by Ethan White. It’s a song as good and fresh sounding as the original was 8 years ago and you can listen below. There’s also a clip of them playing live in Switzerland earlier in the year.