MUSIC: Schoolboy Q – Man Of The Year


Hasn’t it felt that in the current era of straight to youtube videos we’ve lost the extravagance of old? You’ve got cinematographers are using generic shots with rappers locally sourcing their eye candy from the local strip club, filming the whole thing just a car ride away.

Here’s Schoolboy Q brings you old school misogyny. Slow motion scenes of girls in bikini’s, check. Aerial views of an exotic local, check. Dude riding around in vehicle with a bunch of women check. So please click below and show your appreciation for how hard Schoolboy Q had to work to bring this to you. Rapping the same song over and over for 48 hours, dealing with cranky models forced to wear uncomfortable heels, plus anyone who’s had to do rapper hands for a very long time knows that arm fatigue sets in pretty quickly.