MUSIC: Outkast is Back at Coachella!!!

Outkast: Big Boi and Andre 3000

When Outkast broke up in the early ’00’s it was probably the second worse divorce I have ever experienced. It would be one thing if it the relationship exploded in spectacular fashion leaving us a bunch of crazy diss tracks to keep me warm at night. Unfortunately the universally acclaimed duo kind of fizzled out and only left us latchkey kids Kanye rants in their wake.

In 2014 they get back together in the juggernaut that is Coachella! As usual Coachella’s crushed the building with a stacked lineup that’s going to have you worried you are going to miss that “It” moment between one of the stages. With acts as varied as Queens of the Stoned Age and A$AP Ferg you are going to have your work cut out for you. Here’s the full lineup below and as a bonus here’s U.G.K’s “International Player’s Anthem” one of the last songs with my parent…err Outkast together.