MUSIC: Low Noise High Bias Mixtape Roundup

lil b

After a quiet 2013 Beyonce came storming back to the worlds consciousness with a secret double salvo of album and video collection. Similar to the infamous rapper Lil B. While Lil B traditional threw out his stream of consciousness rap mix tapes at a frequent clip (sometimes multiple hour long mix tapes in a month), he stayed relatively quiet for 2013. That changed Christmas day, where he dropped his 05 Fuck Em mixtape. Its filled with the different incarnations that Lil B has taken over the years; gangster rap parodist, 80s rap aficionado, conscious “Stop the frakking” rapper, etc. While Lil B is not for everyone, considering the mixtape is 101 songs long most people would find at least a few tracks they like, right?

Del The Funkee Homosapien also dropped a free project in the last few weeks called “Iller Then Most”, an entirely self produced affair. Besides showing off an apparent love affair with classic GI Joe by calling himself Zartan Drednaught COBRA, Del’s producer chops are pretty solid and his MC skills have not deteriorated the decades he’s been in the game. Considering he is the prototype that all skater-rappers like Pharrell to Tyler the Creator draw from, its cool hearing him still doing his own thing.

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Finally, the man responsible for one of my favorite pieces of music of 2013, MC Tree, has released his new EP on Scions dime. The EP’s a little different then his mixtape, Tree’s doing more singing and the beats are more stripped down and immediate.

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