MUSIC: DeCarlo “Working Hard” Video


DeCarlo stands in the gap when R&B starts to sound like the same ol’ riff and runs we have all heard before. Upon first impression, his emotive debut “Working Hard” is some what of an oxymoron by the way DeCarlo eases into every creasing layer of the track. Sonically, his slow and seductive take on “work” falls in trend with singers like the Weeknd, yet, DeCarlo sets himself apart completely by conveying the “grind” as a universal concept. The hard work, for which DeCarlo emphatically sings, is in the way of his ability to settle for love, is meaningfully depicted with images from around the globe of divergent livelihoods that indeed define working hard. Without ever showing his face, DeCarlo reverently lets the stirring visual speak for itself. DeCarlo ‘s lyrics asking,“…is you ‘bout it/’bout it, girl?” brilliantly clash with what looks to be a deep sentiment about his aspirations, rather than just a theme for having money on the brain.  Fresh in his approach to a well understood obsession, working hard never looked better.