FOOD: Wing Night at Mills Tavern [Hoboken, NJ]

“All you can eat” situations should be reserved for special occasions; mainly because “all you can eat” becomes “all you can jam into your drooling mouth without becoming ill” followed by an evening and subsequent morning full of regret. You need to save these special occasions for a delicacy that will be worth the stomach pains (unless you know how to do that whole “pace yourself” thing in which case just go to the next paragraph already).

Competing for the Monday night title against my last wing night contender, Mills Tavern is located on Washington Street in Hoboken and boasts a $9.99 all you can eat deal that includes a complimentary Coors Light. We walked into (a surprisingly empty) Mills Tavern around 8 p.m. and got a little bar table right away. There’s a decent sized bar to grab a chair at as well as a good number of high-top tables, but that’s it for seating—and you do need an actual seat to take part in the wing night special.


The flavor options include: spicy Thai chili, smokehouse barbecue, and three levels of Buffalo hotness. For round one, my dining companion and I went with a batch of medium level Buffalo wings and spicy Thai chili. Your wings come out hot from the kitchen and you get a decent size order, with at least 12 wings dressed in each type of sauce ordered.

Left to Right: Buffalo, Spicy Thai Chili

Left to Right: Buffalo, Spicy Thai Chili

I took a dive into the Buffalo style first and I was certainly pleased. Crispy layer of skin over meaty wings, covered in a tangy Buffalo sauce with what I believed matched “medium” perfectly. If you have read about my other wing night experience, you would know that I have a problem with soft wings. These Buffalo babies were everything I was looking for and definitely had the crisp factor.

The spicy Thai chili was also very good—but honestly, I was too distracted by the Buffalo. We didn’t get around to trying the other heat levels of the Buffalo sauce, but we did make a point of ordering the barbecue wings because we are sick individuals I want to give readers a sampling of all their options. The waitress had informed me it wasn’t honey barbecue but I found the sauce still had a nice hint of sweetness and the flavor was tasty. These were also satisfyingly crispy and earned spot of second favorite to the Buffalo.



If you happen to finish your Coors Light early on in your feast, Mills Tavern has a really nice beer selection in both draft and bottles. And if you find yourself unfamiliar with the choices, they are happy to give you a nice sampling of any draft.


From the interesting brew selection to the “fresh out the kitchen” wings, there really wasn’t anything that I did not like about this wing night. If you don’t mind making a whole meal out of wings, then you get a great value for your $10 dollars without compromising quality.


Keep an eye out for my next wing night excursion as I plan to leave no wing unturned in the Hoboken area—because if loving wings is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Mills Tavern
125 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ