FOOD: Sanpanino [West Village, NYC]


I’m quite lucky in the fact that my day job happens to be on Hudson and West Houston (they claim it’s SoHo but it’s really closer to the West Village in my mind).  But safely away from Midtown (although I’m sure there are plenty of places to explore there that I don’t know about!) all the lunch options are incredible.  Sure, we have Hale & Hearty, Pret, and Chipotle (yum), but I also get to explore local places that aren’t chains.

I’ve written about Saigon Shack and Murray’s before, but one place that’s in my usual lunch repertoire is Sanpanino.  I don’t think they have a website so I’ll link to their Yelp page, but their sandwiches are amazing!  The ingredients are fresh and they’re moderately priced for a decent size lunch.  The only draw back is the place itself is rather small with only a couple of tables but it’s just as great to-go.

My favorite is the San Classico panini.  It has sopressata, mortadella, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, fresh basil, olive oil and balsamic.  I want one right now just thinking about it!  Also, if you pay cash for 10 sandwiches you get one free!  I think I’m almost at my free one so I’ll definitely be taking a trip back there this week.

494 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014