DRINK: Cocktails at Ward III [NYC]

ward III

I have written before about how I am slowly broadening my drink horizons and have been enjoying going to cocktail bars.  The other night, on a Monday actually, I went with my friend to Ward III in Tribeca, a cocktail bar I have been meaning to try.

Super close to the 1 train–always appreciated–we almost walked right past it!  The outside is dark and unassuming, which in my opinion is great for a cocktail bar.  But we finally realized where we were and walked in and straight away I loved it.

The inside is dark and cozy and the bartenders are nicely dressed and are very knowledgeable, as they should be.  When it comes to cocktails, people like me usually have a lot of questions and they were all eager to help and figure out what I would like.

I decided I wanted whiskey so the bartender recommended a Whiskey Smash.  Apparently this is a classic cocktail I just learned about but it was amazing and probably my new favorite drink.  I said I liked mint and whiskey, not knowing if these would really go together, but add some lemon and it was perfect!  Kind of more of a summer drink but I will definitely be drinking this all year round.  My friend Caitlin got a classic French 75–always a good choice!

Ward III
111 Reade Street
New York, NY 10013