ART: Nik Dudukovic & Scion AV Installation

Scion Secret Clubhouse 02

Scion AV has continued to surprise by producing quality events that prove the car company truly has it’s ears to the ground of cutting edge music and art.  This past Saturday, January 11th, 2014 in Los Angeles, Scion opened a new exhibit showcasing the work of Nik Dudukovic titled “The Secret Clubhouse” at their installation venue on the legendary Melrose stip.  Toronto based by way of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Dudukovic has made a name with his distinct illustration meets graphic design style that has sold out shows from Tokyo to New York.  A combination of ink and Photoshop, his work pops in a way that lends itself equally well to canvas prints and apparel, both of which are on display and for sale.


One part art installation, one part pop-up shop, the quaint space features shelves of odds and ends from novelty books to one of a kind hand made jewelry by an array of artists.  Looking for a limited edition set of dominos for your next cookout?  Or maybe a hilarious book collection of the worst high school test answers in history?  They’ve got you.  It’s almost like Urban Outfitters was hit by a shrink ray.  Despite the many things to browse, the headliner is still the focus as art lines the walls and is available for sale on T-Shirts, ball caps and jackets.  Scion has provided more of a boutique than a gallery, but with free admission to the public, Dudukovic’s pieces make it a worthwhile stop after Sunday brunch at one of Melrose’s many trendy eateries.


Nik Dudukovic “The Secret Clubhouse” is located at Scion AV Installation, 7667 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046.  This show is on view from January 11 – February 1, 2014.

For more information visit the official Scion AV event page.

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