MUSIC: High Bias Low Noise Mixtape Roundup


Flying Lotus released his Ideas+Drafts+Loops compilation after hitting a 300k follower milestone in twitter. Among the various odds and ends you’ve got MF Doom, Shabazz Palaces, Earl Sweathshirt, etc. You’ve even got some tracks involving FlyLo’s rapping alter ego Captain Murphy. While these are supposed to be song stems most of these ideas feel like fully formed tracks and probably would have made a solid release. Expect a few alt-nerd rappers rapping over some of these things in 2014.

Lil Bibby’s dropped an imaginatively titled Free Crack mixtape recently that got some love that like their 808’s crushing, their lyrical topic ignorant, and their rapping with a minimal amount of skills. A member of Chicago’s Drill scene, Bibby owes some of his hook stylings to pariah Chief Keef, but here he’s actually trying to rap. He’s not there yet, but the production is superb, the basic song ideas are solid, and he might have a good future in the game. Even if he doesn’t, at least he got to meet Drake

Still doing your Christmas shopping? I am. If you’ve got a loved one who still shops at Urban Outfitters, Ive got a mixtape for you. Diplo’s Mad Decent record label dropped a Christmas themed compilation that’s available for your purchase or stream below. Perfect for snuggling under organic missile toe or drinking back vegan eggnog or my fav…GETTING TURNT UP.