From the first soprano note, you know she’s a contender. The effortlessness of a song bird’s ritual call –she makes it look easy. The high notes all but hide the British intonations that make Izzy Bizu a strange import. At just 18 years-old she strikes. The “White Tiger” single off of her Coolbeanz EP could very possibly be about herself. Perhaps picking up where UK neo-soul sisters like Corrine Bailey Rae left off, Bizu assures her longevity with a commanding voice that is beguiling of her young age and fresh face aesthetic. Leaving the pop tart gimmicks to her contemporaries, her voice stands alone. Pure and piercing in its realism, Bizu impresses with her range and abilities, not to mention, the alt-folk and bluesy blend of acoustics that accompany her soulful pitch, giving Coolbeanz an earthiness and a tactile grit. Izzy Bizu convinces from the first inflection that a contender can easily be made a titlist.