FOOD: Little Town NJ – Hoboken [NJ]

Let it be known that I am a bona fide Jersey girl. Born and bred in the Garden State, I consider myself a fair judge when determining if something is authentic to my home. With that being said, I took it upon myself to try out Little Town NJ in Hoboken. New to the scene this past April, this restaurant is a self-described tribute to all things Jersey.

I went into Little Town NJ with the intention of getting to know the bar menu. Many nights out in Jersey end with a trip to the diner and a massive order of appetizers to share, so I was curious to see how Little Town NJ’s starters would stack up. Hoboken is also a place that is big on happy hour, and I love finding new spots with great munchies and drinks. An added bonus at Little Town NJ is that the beer selection is comprised of locally brewed craft beers.

If navigating a craft beer menu feels like too much of a guessing game for you, the wait staff is capable of guiding you towards a beer you might enjoy based on your preferred domestic beer (and our server guided me directly to a tasty Hudson Pale Ale). When it came time for food, we couldn’t quite narrow down our selection, so we went with five out of their seven appetizers on the bar menu: Fried “Mutz”, Crispy Calamari, “Disco” Fries, LT Chicken Tenders, and Little Town Rice Balls.


The spread did not disappoint. The fried items were adequately (but not overly) coated and crunchy. The “Disco” Fries, smothered in brown gravy and melted mozzarella, ended up being one of my favorite dishes and did not overwhelm the main ingredient that I consider to be perfect all on its own–the French fry. The LT Chicken Tenders could have used more flavor in their breading as their selling point is being “everything bagel crusted”, though I found it lacked the savory delight of an everything bagel. But what I really need to get down to is something called Little Town Rice Balls. What is a Little Town Rice Ball, you ask? If I had to sum it up in one word, it would simply be: deliciousness.


The Little Town Rice Ball puts a spin on a traditional rice ball by stuffing it with Taylor ham and cheese and serving these warm little balls of love over hollandaise sauce. If you’re from New Jersey, I doubt you’ll disagree that the Taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich is a breakfast (and late night) staple. The hollandaise was a welcomed addition, as it added a creamy, buttery taste to the crispy outer layer of the rice balls.

Between the Jersey inspired menu items, the cozy decor, and the NYC skyline visible through the large glass windows, I was satisfied with the state’s representation. The icing on my New Jersey cake happened when I noticed that they have skee ball. It’s no boardwalk arcade–there are only two lanes–but it brought me right back to salty summer days at the Jersey shore. I definitely plan on heading back to Little Town NJ to sample even more of what their New Jersey theme has to offer (and to play skee ball, obviously).


Little Town NJ
310 Sinatra Drive
Hoboken, NJ 07030