FOOD: Gifts This Holiday Season [NYC]

Sometimes the best gifts are food related–but how many times can you give (and get!) the same box of chocolates, or pears, or cookies?  Luckily, in New York, there are tons of great stores and restaurants loaded with the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.


Jacques Torres: Basically anything from JT is amazing!  If you love chocolate, or know someone who does, they have the BEST.  I’d definitely recommend the hot chocolate mix, but they also have very cool and unique treats like chocolate covered Cheerios!


Laduree: Macarons make great gifts, in my opinion.  They are not something I would buy myself, but receiving them as a gift would be lovely.  They look nice, taste even better, and are pretty unique.  And why not get the best and go to Laduree.  Not to mention their Christmas gift presentation is awesome!  And when giving food, the packaging can be just as important as how it tastes!

treat house

Treat House: I’ve written about this place before so I won’t go into too much details, but these would make awesome and unique holiday gifts.  The presentation is great, the Rice Krispie treats are delicious and fun, and they are not too expensive.  A win-win in my book!