Selfish Music Hoarder Anonymous: The First of ’12 Steps’

Like a jealous lover, I revel in the sacred moments before the band that I swear I discovered becomes a trending, scrolling, hashtag on a MTV chyron. The sweet, unadulterated downloads between me and my new, obscure find are precious but undoubtedly short-lived. This window of time is what separates the true fans from the bandwagon ride-alongs. Before SXSW. Before Coachella. The bonafide crate diggers share the privity of what feels like an inside joke on pop radio. Jet, Grizzly Bear, and even Frank Ocean all seemed too good for mainstream glory, and yet, from pauper to prince, the freakish and eccentric allure of the rising rock star becomes a sing-along in a Jetta commercial during the Super Bowl. So, in an effort to “rip off the band-aid” that is sharing my music with strangers, I have resolved to get over myself and because who knows, if I set it free…

Jungle – The Heat EP



Jerry Paper – Fuzzy Logic