MUSIC: Seasick Mama – Tip Top Shape EP

Self described as “Intellectual Pop,” Seasick Mama’s newest EP, Tip Top Shape understates exactly what the Brooklynite is bringing to the table. Or maybe she gets it just right. Not sparing one iota of the sex appeal required to qualify as a legitimate pop act, Seasick Mama is a real singer/song writer type that ensures her made-for-TV exterior is not the only provocateur. Releasing two EPs this year, her buzz has become a droning demand to know more about the chanteuse. For now, her latest video for “Man Overboard,” a ska laden track that cajoles Mama’s airy tones and melody, are paired with visuals of the singer that are as teasingly uninhibited as the lyrics: Told myself go somewhere far/Where no one will see us/…You can tell her it’s nothing between us. A woman of her word, Seasick Mama stands apart from the mindless and formulaic, and like a sweet chaser, the high energy, danceable pulse of each song almost masks the “intelligence” she kneads into the noteworthy EP. In seven songs, Seasick Mama surfaces as a new wave of “Intellectual Pop” and I, for one, am totally stoked!

Seasick Mama – Man Overboard

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