In the vein of grindhouse flicks, Raze takes you into an underground fighting arena where 50 women engage in bare knuckle deathmatches. The catch is they’ve all been abducted and fighting against their will. Well they do have a choice, either they fight or risk the lives of their loved ones. You win, they live. You lose, they die. The women, as well as the people they’re fighting for, are monitored so thoughts of escape are nil. Until one is crowned the champion in this broadcast tourney, freedom can only be granted over the bodies of the fallen.

Raze focuses on four women: Sabrina (Zoe Bell), Phobe (Rebecca Marshall), Theresa (Tracie Thoms), and Cody (Bailey Anne Borders), each with their own reason for fighting with different personalities to match. For example, there is the sweet and innocent Cody fighting to keep her mother alive, the complete antithesis of Phobe who just enjoys killing.  However that’s as deep as it goes since the characters aren’t fleshed out so if you’re looking for a story, Raze will leave you empty. This movie strictly about brutal violence, sometimes bordering on excessive. Similar to Kill Bill or Fight Club, you see and hear each crunching blows, leaving you cringing at certain points.

And sorry, fellas, no nudity in this flick. It’s not THAT exploitative.

Raze will be in theaters January 10, 2014 for a limited release.