MUSIC: Ketchy Shuby – Still Making It Look Easy


From Miami, the city that brought us beautiful women, beautiful beaches, and Rick Ross’s beard is a band called Ketchy Shuby. While Miami’s known for its unique Caribbean and Latin sounds Ketchy Shuby represents the soul side of town. Now there’s been a large uptick of soul revivalists cross the board, but what makes Ketchy Shuby an interesting listen is what else they throw in the mix: it’s not just well timed funk licks but the pure 60’s pop psychedelica that they also dabble in that helps make the band great. Like in the live in the studio clip for Watermelon below: sure it begins reminding you of Motown but then that awesomely harmonic part hits and it’s all flying yellow submarines and tabs of acid. Check out their latest album, “Still Makng It Look Easy” here.