MUSIC: High Bias Low Noise Mixtape Roundup


Current dancing trap kings Baauer and Hudson Mohawk both dropped free EP’s this week. Baauer throw some USB sticks out at some of his recent shows and it follows his usual M.O. of hard hitting but danceable trap beats. You can cop it here.

Not to be outdone in the free trunk rattler business, Kanye West’s producing BFF Hudson Mohawke gave away four of his remixes that he’s been playing in love shows. You can download here. Ciara, Chris Brown and others get put into the blender and come out spanking clean booty popping music. Cop here. Check out his remix to a Three 6 Mafia classic below.

Speaking of which…Three 6 Mafia is dead, long live the Da Mafia 6ix. Featuring almost everyone in the Three 6 Mafia camp except Juicy J (and even he drops a verse!) their new 6ix Commandments is a return to their work before they won an Oscar award and turned weird.

It’s loud, evil sounding, and everyone involved hasn’t lost a step. Cop here.