MUSIC: Dopehead – Devils Heaven


Dopehead is a member of Danny Browns “Bruiser Brigade” and he’s released his new mixtape Devils Heaven. It’s a pretty big slice of ignorance that calls to mind the hey day of Kurupt (dude even has a track called Suck A Duck).

Dopehead is a solid rapper but what makes this a listen is the production. Danny’s touring DJ, Skywlkr, who produced the left field tracks on his breakout LP XXX that gave him his big break, is the main presence on this record. The beats are minimalist, dark, experimental, and fit the nihilistic world that Dopehead sets up in his raps. Danny Brown makes two uncharacteristically angry guest appearances and you wouldn’t even know it; everyone on this album is on ‘Give No Fucks’ mode.

A nice angry stomp to set off the colder weather and . Download the mixtape (with the worst tags in the world) here and check out his Choppa video below.