MUSIC: Death Grips – Government Plates

Musical anarchists Death Grips have once again surprised the music world and released another album with no warning whatsoever. It’s been about a year since they screwed over Epic records and released their last album for free (and subsequently got dropped). Since then they’ve formed their own label, are working on a movie and have not showed up for so many scheduled gigs that if it was high school they definitely would not be graduating. The band has always a difficult listen with the vocals coming off more like angry rants on top of punishingly beats as opposed to fully fleshed out songs. But in 2013 where punk is name dropped more for its fashion sense then it’s music it’s nice to know there are groups still out there pushing the genre forward and making music that parents will hate listening to.

I mean, look at the intensity there, it’s pretty much as real as you are going to get in music today. There’s technically rapping on only half of the songs on this releaseand bulk of it is a mish mosh of ever shifting gitch’ed out beats; imagine your macbook melting on a heater. So if you are going to dive into the band for the first time id suggest some of their older material like this. For the brave folks, the album is below to stream/download from.