MUSIC: Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Set times


Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival put up their final setlist so you can plan your next few nights around cigarette breaks, meeting up with friends between venues, and seeing how long you can stay dancing without passing out. You can check out the link here:

As far as what we are doing? Friday’s standout seems to be at the Music Hall of Williamsburg which seems to have a more night with acts known for their work in hip-hop. You’ve got Lunice from the trap overlords TNGHT and Yeezus tinkerer Evian Christ. Saturday we are hedging our bets on Actress, also at the music Hall of Williamsburg. Sunday Kaytranada will be playing the warm and cozy Glasslands that night. We including his Boiler Room set below, who funny enough will be broadcasting a live show tonight for those who want to get a vibe of how it goes down.