ART: NYC: Kris Kuksi’s Revival

"Unveiled Obscurity," 2013 - mixed media assemblage.

“Unveiled Obscurity,” 2013 – mixed media assemblage.

“You can spend hours getting lost in these.”

That was the common refrain at the latest New York City exhibit opening for Kris Kuksi, an artist based in Kansas, who makes staggering mixed media sculptures that can only be described as Baroque on acid. Classical figures brandish rifles. Faces grimace. Tiny figures of people undergo herculean tasks. Grand visions of sculptural figures are intricately assembled into haunting masterpieces. There is a constant interplay of decay, war, death, and sensuality in the sculptures.

Director Guillermo del Toro is a fan:

“A postindustrial Rococo master, Kris Kuksi obsessively arranges characters and architecture with an exquisite sense of drama. Instead of stones and shells he uses screaming plastic soldiers, miniature engine blocks, towering spires and assorted debris to form his landscapes. The political, spiritual, and material conflict within these shrines is enacted under the calm gaze of remote deities and august statuary. Kuksi manages to evoke, at once, a sanctum and a mausoleum for our suffocated spirit.”

The exhibit, shown under the name “Revival,” is at the Joshua Liner Gallery, 540 West 28th Street in New York City. The show is up until January 18, 2014.

"Seraphim at Rest," 2013 - mixed media assemblage.

“Seraphim at Rest,” 2013 – mixed media assemblage.