ART: John Aloysius Patterson: Cascade

John Aloysius Patterson

Encompassing 20 drawings on paper done over the last three years, the latest works of New Jersey-based artist John Aloysius Patterson have a spontaneous air with calligraphic touches. The strokes he makes are thought out. Others spring from a stream of consciousness.

The exhibit of his newest works is being shown in the lobby of the Majestic Theatre Condominiums, 222 Montgomery Street in Jersey City, New Jersey.

From the exhibit description by curator Brendan Carroll:

“Patterson’s work is about the passage of time, as much as it is about drawing. He works in small increments, developing his drawings over the course of a year. All his drawings combine conscious and unconscious editing. He cites Classical figuration as a key point of departure for much of his subject matter. That said, he acknowledges allusions to comic imagery. His palette is Spartan—black and white, with occasional flourishes of color. His brushwork appears to come in riotous bursts of inspiration as lines dances across the paper. The movement is fluid, all-over-the-place, knowing. It never feels aimless. He works on many pieces simultaneously.”

Exhibit runs until February 28, 2014.