FOOD: Thanksgiving in the Big Apple


If you are anything like me, then you can appreciate good food when it’s placed in front of you, but cannot for the life of you figure out how to cook like your mother.  And that’s ok.  While you may feel a little guilty about your lack of cooking abilities during the biggest food day of the year in the US, there’s help coming!  Here are some places where you can enjoy fabulous Thanksgiving food with no prep on your end 🙂

I just wrote about Frank the other week–and how convenient is it that they are hosting a rather affordable Thanksgiving Dinner!  Only $32.95–and you know this will be good.

The Atlantic Grill restaurants are serving up Thanksgiving for $45–not bad!  You can reserve your spot here.

Carmine’s–Upper West and Midtown have a Thanksgiving menu option.  I’m curious about this one!  I don’t know if I could order anything other than veal parm here, but I’m sure they make a great Turkey!

DBGB has a classic 3-course Thanksgiving for $55.

Jones Wood Foundry on the Upper East Side is a great spot in general and they are having Thanksgiving for $39.

If you feel like perusing some listings for yourself, here are some super helpful links!  It seems that there are way many more restaurants preparing for Thanksgiving than I would have thought!  Happy Eating 🙂

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