FOOD: Not Your Average Waffle – Waffle & Wolf

Waffle and WolfOne of my favorite eateries in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is Waffle & Wolf, a self-described “refined fast food restaurant” that sells – you guessed it – waffles! And the best part, for me at least, is that everything on the menu can be made gluten-free.

The brick and mortar corner cafe isn’t easy to spot, but the sweet smells of buckwheat batter drifting onto the street quickly bring you inside. Waffle & Wolf’s offerings aren’t your average Sunday morning waffle special. These dishes are more like waffle sandwiches, with ingredients baked inside or artfully placed between the thin and crispy folded waffle.  Inspired by the co-owner’s native Turkey, where on-the-go waffles are popular, these waffles are meant to be eaten like a taco. The restaurant’s famous “wolf sauce” (a mix of tahini and molasses to top your waffle) also echoes Turkey’s popular street food.

For the salty-and-sweet lover, I recommend the savory #25, which has walnuts baked-in, goat cheese, seasonal fruit (berries in the summer and apples or pears in the fall), and house-infused lavender-honey ($10.50). For the eater with perhaps a more sophisticated palate, I recommend #29, featuring smoked salmon, lemon-dill-caper cream cheese, spinach, and red onion ($11.75).

These waffles are good for on-the-go, but I guarantee you’ll want to sit down and savor it!

Waffle & Wolf
413 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11211