FOOD: Finding Hungary in Pittsburgh at Jozsa Corner

A few months ago while at a party, I met a nice group of young Hungarians. Before that day, I had no idea that Hungarians were such heartwarming bunch; who pridefully call themselves honkies. I also learned about a place called Jozsa Corner; a small little Hungarian American eatery that serves up crazy good Hungarian food in America. As the night went on they talked about traditional polka dance, the Hungarian revolution and the best Sunday stations to find dance Polka, I felt like I had been given the whole scoop. Being the foodie I am, of course I had to check this place out.

Now until then, I really had no clue of what constituted Hungarian cuisine. Sure we’ve all heard about goulash and when something looks like goulash. Little did I know, goulash spelled gulyas is a main staple in Hungary, and Alex, the proprietor of Jozsa Corner gave us all a lesson on traditional Hungarian fare. Our menu for the night consisted of langos, beef gulyas (soup), Transylvania gulyas (pork braised in sauerkraut), two cabbage salads, haluska (buttered cabbage and noodles), and warm braided loaf.


braided loaf

Celebrating its 25th anniversary; Jozsa’s felt like someone opened their home and cooked for you personally. Alex will only open doors for as few as 4 people on the weekends and 6 on weeknights so you must make reservations in advance. There is no menu; Alex’s style of improvisational cooking means, you will eat what has been prepared for you that day. To me it was family style, just like mama used to make; aka, whatever was in the fridge. Which usually ended up being gulyas (and now I know where that came from). Favorite thing of the night was the langos which is a fried bread made with potato, leavened with yeast, and topped with garlic and parmesan.


savory langos

Pittsburgh’s Artful Divas (s/o) were my crew for the night but If you’re ever in Pittsburgh with a few friends, I strongly suggest checking out Jozsa Corner, it will definitely give you an experience to talk about for years to come. There is no website you just call and speak with Alex and he’ll hook you up! Hope you check it out.

Jozsa Corner 4800 Second Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15207/ 412.422.1886
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 11am- 6pm/ Evenings, Saturdays and Sundays by Appointment only/ BYOB



beef gulyas