TRAILER: The Right Kind of Wrong


We’ve seen a similar plot before – a down-on-his-luck man who is deserted by his girlfriend/wife/lover and is left to brave the world by himself.  We root for such characters because they are left with nothing and must find the strength within them to crawl back out of their funk.  Usually another women, who is perfect in every sense of the word for our underdog, comes into play to help him bring him back to happiness.

We’ve seen this in movies such as 500 Days of Summer, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  But we never get tired of them.  We also root for the person who gets blind-sided by their usually more ambitious partner.  In The Right Kind of WrongTrue Bloods’ Ryan Kwanten stars as Leo,  a writer and full-time dishwasher.  When his wife leaves him and writes a tell-all book about men like him, he spirals until he encounters the quintessential ‘girl of his dreams’.

The catch, however, is that Leo meets this girl, played by Sara Canning, at her wedding.  Compared to the groom – lawyer/philanthropist/olympian – Leo doesn’t have much going for him. Leo however, goes through hoops, twists and turns, and all of the above to win her heart.  In the end, we leave the notion that no obstacle is too great for true love.

Check out the trailer and make sure to catch the movie, which is in movie theaters now.