STYLE: What is Shoe Culture?


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The shoes you wear deliver a strong message to what you do in your daily lives. Some may argue, but there is a global shoe culture as people like to express themselves through footwear. For men it is mainly sneakers with about 85% of the sneaker industry geared toward” lifestyle” and for women it’s the purchase of high heels and how they effect the women’s confidence level due to change in physical figure. Below is a video where Thierry Daher, Founder & CEO od CAID Productions and producer of God Save My Shoes, a feature documentary about the relationship between women and shoes – featuring Fergie, Dita Von Teese, Kelly Rowland, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. He also produced Just For Kicks, a documentary about the History of sneakers and hip hop, which he released in 2006.