STYLE: Leather Weather, An Affordable Guide For Men & Women


Tis the season to be leathery ladies and gentlemen, this is the time of the year in which a lot of us look forward to. Whether if your a guy wearing a leather jacket to build up your swag to feel like James Dean from his 1955 film Rebel Without A Cause or you are the fashionable women that’s graceful but yet comes with that New York City attitude.  However way you wish to identify yourself with a leather jacket it is undeniably  an all American timeless piece that everyone should have hidden in their closets. Leather jackets all come in different styles and each one is unique. Which is why purchasing a leather jacket must be taken serious because it surely is a process. Why is it such a process? because leather jackets alone are quite expensive. Therefor you should take your time seeking out the perfect one that relates to your day to day style and of course style is identified by personality. For myself, I own one brown leather jacket that I purchased randomly at H&M back in 2007. I still wear it to this day and year after year I continue to get compliments every time I wear it. It didn’t take me long to figure out this jacket was made for me. The jacket fit perfectly on the shoulders, the arm length was just right and it looked just as good when it was zippered up.  It’s safe to say I got lucky that afternoon. But for most people this isn’t the easiest task to accomplish. You can’t find the perfect jacket or they’re too expensive. Luckily here at Couch Sessions we’re here to help you look you’re fliest this fall/winter. I took it upon myself to gather up some websites for you to visit. These websites all have store location for you to visit so you can physically try a jacket on with an exception of one.

1.) Zara


Zara is a great place to start looking when it comes to affordable leathers . Zara always has the latest trends in today’s current fashion.  You will be seeing great prices starting at $100 to $300.  Zara is located in all major cities and you can visit to get your hands on some leathers that might take your interest.

2.) Urban Outfitters


This is another go to place that a lot of people are familiar with. Urban Outfitters always has something for someone. As we all know Urban Outfitters as we all know is one big thrift shop but definitely not the same price point.  The prices here at Urban Outfitters are about the same as Zara. You see them from about $100 to $600. Hit up

3.) Free People

freepeople1 freepeople2

Yup, you got that right. A guy, a guy is putting you ladies on to a all female site.  Free People is an all women clothing site. Free People is a combination of Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters but much better quality materials. This is another popular staple that’s known for leather jackets. Granted, you wont find the $80-$100 jacket. But here you’re starting with prices from $420- $2,000. This is definitely a website to keep in the bookmarks because doesn’t disappoint.  Free People also has three store location throughout the New York City area.

4.) Cloth Surgeon

clothsurgeon1 clothsurgeon2

If you didn’t know well now you know. Cloth Surgeon has been building it’s name up for awhile now. Cloth Surgeon is a High End Mens Fashion line with some pieces for the ladies as well based in London, England . The leather jackets they offer are great quality and have been worn by Nas, Vashtie, J.Cole, Kevin Hart, and support by GQ magazine.  Being that Cloth Surgeon has been getting attention from big names the prices are rather reasonable.  The price points here ranges from $400-$800, so please make your way to and thank me later.



One of the few hidden gems that a lot of people aren’t aware of. Here we have OAK. Just to bring you guys up to speed this clothing line has there own clothing line and they also sell other brands. OAK is similar to your Alexander Wang just not at the same price point. As a matter fact, OAK receives just as much credit as Alexander Wang. OAK has been worn by Rihanna, A$AP Mob, Ronnie Fieg, and many more. OAK has two store location in New York City one in Soho, Manhattan and the other in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  For the designs at OAK you may think you’re going to spend a lot but the price point for these jackets are $400- $700.  Be sure to visit

6.) Schott NYC

schott1 schott2

Last but certainly not least we have the most dominant player in the leather game, Schott. Schott has been making leather jackets for over 100 years and has provided one of the best quality material jackets money can buy. Also to mention they invented the motorcycle jacket. Schott clientele is a prestigious one having to cater to James Dean,  Marlon Brando, Bruce Springsteen, The Ramones, Lady Gaga, and Jay Z just to name a few.  Schott has a wide selection of leathers and also allows you to customize a jacket to anyway that sees fit to you. From measurements, color, style, etc. This should be the first go to spot for anyone who appreciates timeless pieces. The price points here range from $500- $1000.  Be sure to check out