STYLE: Lacoste Live Presents Unconventional Iceland | Fall/Winter 2013


Iceland, home of singer Bjork, is no more than a six hour flight from our headquarters in New York City.  However, its warm springs, sleepy-town laidback lifestyle, and mountainous geography seems as if it is worlds away.  That is why it is perfect that perennial French clothing brand, Lacoste chose Iceland as the location for it’s Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook collection.  The lookbook, set in the green tree-filled mountainous rugged backdrop of Iceland can easily parallel the rugged urban environment of our northeast cities.

So it is only appropriate that the pieces in Lacoste’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection are designed to be stylishly and comfortably worn in both the beautiful natural scenery of Iceland and the concrete jungles of NYC.   The all-American look, combines simplicity with comfort, yet never abandons the clean cuts and sows that Lacoste is best known for.

Check out Lacoste’s below and you’ll see exactly what I mean.