Q&A: #SproutToLunch with Dig Inn’s Adam Eskin [Plus a Free Lunch Giveaway!]

Dig Inn - Sprout To Lunch no type

Dig Inn has always been up on my list of where to eat – any place that advocates using local ingredients in delicious, home-cooked style meals is a place that will be frequented by me.  The menu is rotated seasonally, so you can always ensure you have the freshest ingredients – and on the menu right now is one of Dig Inn’s most popular grab-and-go items – Brussels Sprouts.

So – Dig Inn is holding a contest!  Take a photo of your Picnic Pint of Brussels Sprouts at your favorite lunch location, tag it with #SproutToLunch, and if you have the best photo, you can win free lunch at Dig Inn for a whole month!   Another plus – 10% of all Picnic Pints of Brussels Sprouts sales until October 24 will be donated to Slow Food NYC ‘s organic & Sustainable Farm to Restaurant Producer Summer – so basically, everyone wins.

***As a little treat for our readers: if you join in the #SproutToLunch contest and also tag your photo with @couchsessions, you’ll also be eligible to win one free lunch at Dig Inn!***  Check out our Instagram to see our favorite outdoor spot to eat.

Want to know more?  Adam Eskin, CEO of Dig Inn, was gracious enough to answer a couple questions for us.  Read through and don’t forget to visit Dig Inn!

How did Dig Inn get its start?  Were you always interested in being a part of the food industry? 
Eating well has always been on my radar, and as my team and I learned more about food – how it is grown/raised, why it is so important to eat naturally raised meats, etc, we saw a big opportunity to do something disruptive in the restaurant space, similar to what Whole Foods did to grocery.  We launched Dig Inn in September 2011 after having worked on the brand for the better part of a year with our brilliant partners – Dave and Mark of Dark Igloo.  For us, it was important to develop a name that stood for the enjoyment of eating and the celebration of sitting down for a fresh, quality home cooked meal.

Dig Inn works with many local farmers, growers, and suppliers – how did you come to cultivate relationships with all of them?
We work with a lot of local farmers throughout LI, NJ and upstate NY. Some we meet through our distributors, others at the greenmarket – and others simply by picking up the phone. It’s a lot of work and often takes awhile to get traction, but each year we make more and more progress.

I hear that the brussels sprouts picnic pints are the most popular item at Dig Inn this season – what are other items that everyone is rushing to get at this time of year?
Our new roasted beets dish with toasted pumpkin seeds is divine.

What’s your favorite outdoor eating spot in the city?
A little hidden spot in the east 50’s off of 3rd that has greenery, benches, a waterfall and a coffee hut.  I love it there, but don’t tell anyone…

What are some of your favorite restaurants and eateries in the city (besides any of the Dig Inn locations, obviously)?
The spot that my wife and I love most is a little Italian joint in the West Village called Piccolo Angelo – family business that has been doing it for generations.  Probably the best meatball in the city, and they make us feel like we matter every time we are there.