NEWS: Moon Dust Space Beer, The Urban Outfitters Coffee Bar, The Trouble with Restaurant Tacos, and More


[Photo from New York Times]

The trouble with restaurant tacos. (New York Times)

Urban Outfitters is finally opening its first in-store coffee bar.  (Grub Street NY)

The New Museum has a new eatery with the Hester Street Cafe! (Bedford and Bowery)

It’s here – the 2014 Michelin star guide for NYC. (Serious Eats)

Dogfish Head will be opening up a beer-themed inn. (New York Times)

…And if Dogfish Head couldn’t top that, they went and made beer with moon dust. (Gizmodo)

Artichoke Pizza is crossing the country and opening up in Berkeley! (Berkeleyside)

Papa John’s is expanding – to pizza-size cookies! (Brand Eating)

So that’s why Doritos are so addicting! (New York Times)